kengan ashura tiger vessel

Also we didn't get to see the background for Ryuki and Ohma for this like did the tiger vessel send people after the in the beginning or later on.I have two theories on what it may be. Log insign up.

And I think his master is too weak to beat ohma so that’s the reason why he didn’t take ohma himself. "You wanna fight, too?"

My 2nd theory is that it could be a person who is used to make a army of clones versed in the niko style for example ohma had a clone heart made by the worm we found out they’ve been looking in to cloning and sponsored kazuo’s son experiments on cloning and that Gaoh Ryuki might be ohma’s clone.Yeah I was thinking it was something like the possessing spirit "advance" or transplant. I was thinking about this when I remembered seeing Ohma fight Ranjo and he told Ranjo to tell his boss come find him hiself.

After all, the creation of the Nikos was Mukaku's doing directly in order to spread the legend of Niko Tokita around The Inside. Then when candidate for tiger’s vessel is completely trained in niko style techniques meaning they mastered all katas and learned “demonsbane” the person who scouted them out gives them the advance or “possessing spirit” then takes them to the person who’ll use tiger’s vessel’s body. The ‘Tigers Vessel’ are descendants of Gaoh Mukaku. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services.

Maybe I am just over thinking but your thoughts would be helpful.I think its a title given to the succesor of the niko styleYeah that kind of crossed my mind but I don't think that Ohma has any interest but might might be for his Niko. Tiger's vessel meaning : Kengan_Ashura. Press J to jump to the feed. Tokita Ohma (十鬼蛇 王馬ときた おうま, Tokita Ōma; "Ohma Tokita"), also known as The Asura (阿修羅アシウラ, Ashura), is a man who loves to fight. This isn’t really a strong theory but rather just something I’d like to throw out there.

— Ohma posing Yamashita Kazuo the question.

The "Tiger's Vessel" would have to be someone who's not too well known by the rest of the A-listers and doesn't have too good a reputation.

Gaoh Ryuki (臥王 龍鬼がおう りゅうき, Gaō Ryūki; "Ryuki Gaoh") is a mysterious individual who suddenly appeared wanting to enter the Kengan matches.

Along with this I remembered Ohma's heart transplant and was thinking is the Vessel some sort of transplant or just a title.

During the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Ohma fought for Yamashita Trading Co. with Yamashita Kazuo as his employer. r/Kengan_Ashura: A subreddit dedicated to the fighting manga and anime, Kengan Asura and its sequel Kengan Omega! What exactly is the tiger vessel or what are your thoughts about that it is. What exactly is the tiger vessel or what are your thoughts about that it is. He entered into the Kengan Association, fighting for the Nogi Group.

I think the tiger's vessel was a recent addition to purg lineup, so I think it could be Fei tiger vessel, just wearing alternative outfit to avert the readers attention and make it look like dong is the real tiger's vesel ,

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kengan ashura tiger vessel