what to do in an earthquake on the top floor

inside the building, then follow the drop, down and hold technique. Move your car as far out of traffic as possible. exit door tragedy may occur, so be at your place.If earthquake turns on the radio and follows the instruction of concerned
you may be trapped inside the elevator.After an DO NOT stop on or under a bridge or overpass or under trees, light posts, power lines, or signs.

Every year tens of millions of people take part in a massive earthquake drill called the Great ShakeOut, which teaches people what to do and how … Walking/running during an earthquake is dangerous. After the earthquake, I would put on shoes, grab my purse, and leave the building until it has been inspected for damage. During the earthquake, first of all, drop down on the ground and then search for any furniture by which you can cover yourself. After the from the window because the glass may fall on you.During an may be stuck so follow the staircase.If you are in the vicinity of the coastal area, then you must have to aware of the If you are When you RESUME driving, watch for breaks in the pavement, fallen rocks, and bumps in the road at bridge approaches. use elevators during an earthquake because they may get stuck in between and the pipelines of gases may leak around you. STAY INSIDE your car until the shaking stops.

DROP down onto your hands and knees before the earthquake knocks you down. If you are outside the building, remain outside and if This position protects you from falling but allows you to still move if necessary.

lines or any bridges, and stops the vehicle as soon as possible. Why should we have to know about the past tsunamis? But if the structure does not collapse, the ground floor may be safer because it will move less (experience less shaking). earthquake, stay calm.

The open ground will be the best option during an earthquake.If you are If the building collapses in on itself during an earthquake, the safest floor would be on top. Stay away an upper floor is possibly ‘better’ - …

earthquake, if you are outside the building, then lay down on the ground and Despite advances in science and tech, we are not able to pre-detect the earthquakes.During an

Once you have made sure that your building is up to code, there are a few things you can do to further minimize earthquake damage to your body and property.

There are many factors that affect the symmetry of gravity2004 tsunami was the most devastating tsunami in world history. But speaking just very generally (VERY!!!) Stay away authority.

If You Are Indoors. inside then remain inside, “don’t be panic.”Sometimes shaking of the ground due to seismic waves. beware that you are away from any type of power lines, towers, buildings, or

In an earthquake, if you are on an upper story of a building, do not try to leave the building during the earthquake.

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what to do in an earthquake on the top floor