similarities between france and england government

Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? In England, there was a lot of turmoil between the reigning monarchs and large landowners. William and Mary signed the Bill of Rights that would let them rule only by the consent of Parliament. Absolute monarchy took over throughout France while constitutionalism, or parliamentary monarchy, was becoming popular in England between 1640 and 1780. These were some of the key factors that led to the distrust of the English monarchs. It was believed that the King had all the power and answered only to God, not the people of his country. This was a nonpolitical force that opposed absolutism and sought to limit political authority and eventually overturn it.

Instead of depending on the wealth of the nobles, he made the nobles dependent on him.He proclaimed that, “the state is me,” or in other words, that France existed for him. This paper, will explore and evaluate the two different government styles of France and England – one keeping with the traditional ways of their ancestors while the other attempted and succeeded in changing their system of government forever. uk and France compared side by side.

He quickly angered his subjects because of England’s inadequate income; he threatened nobles, large landowners, and those of commercial wealth for money.James I and the Duke of Buckingham also sold royal patronage to the highest bidders.

Another belief of his was that governments exist to protect liberty and the natural state of people not to overcome them. Protestant became the leading religion among the English. “Political Power is that power, which every man having in the state of nature, has given up into the hands of the society, and therein to the governors, whom the society hath set over itself, with this express tacit trust, that it shall be employed for their good.”In Early Modern Europe, France and England started out with the same system of government: an Absolutist Monarchy. Originally Answered: What is the similarity between the French and the British government? This perception was that the ruler of a specific country was put there by God. English monarchs also botched in establishing absolute monarchy because of religion.

From then on, Parliament would rule over England, deciding on its laws and creating the Bill of Rights, reducing the Monarchy to a symbol of what had been, giving them no power over the English subjects.John Locke’s writing, Second Treatise on Government, is one of the western world’s foundational expressions of liberalism.

If anything, the Europeans learned many ways how not to run a country.Both countries and the development of differing monarchies set an example for many other countries. Currently the battle between power and freedom still goes on and will continue as long as there are people like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke who argue for their beliefs. Bossuet and Louis XIV then argued that only God had the right to judge kings.

The king’s subjects were not to question the decisions of the king because it was God’s will; and who can question God? Eventually, both would develop and influence the modern world today in Europe and the Americas. Various facts, figures, measures and indicators are listed allowing similarities and differences to quickly be examined. The English Monarchy was not as successful for the will of the people triumphed over tradition and a new style of government was born.After Cromwell’s death, the Parliament realized that England needed a new leader and invited Charles II back from exile to rule over England.

He used examples from the New Testament of rulers who were only answerable to God. France’s absolute monarchy developed because of the nobles and kings focused on the concept of divine right.

France’s absolute monarchy developed because of the nobles and kings focused on the concept of divine right. Among them were the natural rights of life, liberty, and property.Those ideas were used throughout history and in the Declaration of Independence. The concept of constitutionalism was even a model for constructing the American administration. As tensions grew with the people and the monarchy in England, the Monarchy would give way to the Parliament, establishing, in theory, that all of England’s subjects were created equally and were to be treated equally.

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similarities between france and england government