logitech g700s successor

I NEED the button arrangement and programmability for gaming & production. See More. Logitech Announces The Successor To The MX518/G400S/G402. Are there plans for a redesigned G700-like gaming mouse? I really like the layout of the G 700 S and don’t really need a ton of buttons on the side where the thumb is. "*PUSH* bring it back Logitech! [Webpage](http://gaming.logitech.com/) She does photoshop and design stuff. 1; 2; Next. I WANT you to improve the battery life and sensor to the levels you now have on your wireless offerings.

Limited thumb buttons. The G700 is good but I would prefer if it was designed with a more expensive look (better material), less macro buttons, more battery life, softer cable (the one on G700 is too stiff) etc Has Logitech improved an already great gaming mouse with the introduction of the G700s? Upgraded primary mechanical microswitches are rated to a 20 million-click lifespan. Top Pro. [Webpage](http://gaming.logitech.com/)

I have side scroll assigned to my tilt on the G700s and it's just the way it should be for me so on the G602 I assigned side scroll to 2 buttons.
I WANT the same shape, covering & approximate weight & high quality L& R buttons. (constant issue, google it). If I had found my G700s, I would not have bought a replacement for it.A cross between the G700s and G903 would be cool. )I've had the G602 for about a year now thinking it would be a replacement for the G700s, IMO it's a very poor replacement. We love getting feedback and hearing about your experiences with your products. I was wondering if there has been any thought (not asking for when/if you would release it) on a successor to a G700s mouse. My G700s has just awful battery life. Thread starter saelz8; Start date Sep 2, 2016; 58 Forums. Logitech G700s-Rechargeable-Gaming-Mouse, New Update install, manual, review, SetPoint, Unifying, Driver and Software Download for Windows And Mac– welcome again to our blog, we are ready to serve you and your complaints in this field. Honestly I'd be happy to simply see exactly the G700 released again, but without the issues with the left click button going dodgy after a period of time. So I was wondering what the spiritual successor of this model was? I have it on my secondary PC and curse it every time I have to use it.Take the G700s and stick the charging and sensor from the G602 and voila!I tried the G602 and i returned it, the 6 bouton arrangement isn't ergonomic, need the wheel of the G700sUgh, they are revitalizing some of their models from mice to headsets...still no G700s news.My tilts are broken & you don't do repairs for it anymore or at least that is what I was told a very long time ago.

here we provide the best drivers and trusted and accurate.Our Logitech drivers are very safe and protected by dangerous viruses. I want that side-to-side scroll and wheel unlock and right-hand grip. 10 Gram Removable Weight 3366 Sensor Spring Button … Need another!! I like the AA batteries as opposed to a custom battery and I don't like those recharging mouse pads. I've been looking at other mice as a replacement but I find that they mostly have weird placement for their buttons.
The Logitech Unifying Receiver is a USB plug that can listen to several computer peripherals such as mice and keyboards. [Twitter](https://twitter.com/LogitechG) When does Logitech usually premiere new products or device lineup? That's what I'm using for now.Yeah, I would love something akin to that too, but Had the g602 got more dpi, I'd call it a worthy successor. i just got the 602 so well seee. There are no Spare Parts available for this Product. The Logitech MX Master wireless mouse is ergonomic, packed with features to help you get work done, and it’s the latest successor in the awesome MX series. Wired and Wireless. I now change the brand since Logitech can't offer me a good mouse anymore. My g700s is doubleclicking. [Support](http://support.logitech.com) It's in the $250 range for a new one now. There are no FAQs for this Product. Bring the G700/G700s back!I bought a Roccat Tyon 2 weeks ago As it was somewhat close to the G700.I want to return it and go back to G700, but my right mouse button on both my G700 keeps losing its grip while I hold it in in.

Please bring back the G700s if you really have nothing else to properly replace it with.. the G700s all in all was the best mouse ever and i still own two and will not replace them with anything else even tough one has a slightly broken left click(it doesn't drag&hold properly anymore). Press J to jump to the feed. Introducing .

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logitech g700s successor