the inflation tax is an alternative

National governments commonly resort to the convention of “arms-length” prices—the prices that would prevail in trade between unrelated entities—to determine the split of income resulting from transactions between related parties. The "minimum" aspect is something of a misnomer—a taxpayer must calculate their taxable income both ways, once according to ordinary IRC rules, then again using the Alternative Minimum Tax … Almost all countries consider it their right to tax income arising within their borders, whether or not the income is earned by individuals or corporations having their residence or exercising their management and control in the country.

Country X may allow corporation A a foreign tax credit for income tax paid in Y; this is done by, for example, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

Why is the creation of high powered money that causes inflation is called inflation tax and is an alternative to explicit taxation as a source of financing government expenditure.

If deductions are taken too quickly or if the recognition of income is unduly postponed, the present value of tax liability is reduced. Further complications may arise if some of the shareholders of A live in country Z and are subject to income tax there on dividends received from A, which may also be subject to a withholding tax in X.

The American Opportunity Tax Credit is still $2,500 with the same phase outs. Its results, holders will lose their purchasing power. Neither of these approaches is totally satisfactory.Some countries (including the United States) exercise the right to tax the whole income of their nationals, even if it is earned abroad.

Relief from double taxation can be provided unilaterally or by treaty.

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Measurements of taxable income must reflect changes in the value of assets and liabilities. Many developed countries do not actually tax the majority of investment income (especially interest) that originates within their borders and flows to foreigners.

When inflation takes place in an economy, real value of fixed income reduces.

Tax shelters are based on the creation of artificial accounting losses that result from acceleration of deductions and the deferral of recognition of income; such losses arise from partnership investments and are used to offset income from other sources. Industries in which timing issues (and therefore the possibility of tax shelters) are especially important include oil and gas, timber, orchards and vineyards, and real estate.

Depreciation is the most obvious and most important timing issue, but it is not unique.

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the inflation tax is an alternative