taurus 605 dunham's

No denying they are simple to operate as long as there are no problems.A few years back, I bought a vintage Taurus 605 (circa 1995) with 2 1/8″ barrel. I had an 85 and it ran perfectly. Be sure your aftermarket grips won’t interfere with a speed loader, if you use one.The 605 comes with a hammer-mounted key lock and two keys.

After a few cylinders, my hand was so abused I could barely hold the Taurus 605’s minuscule grip. While fit and finish are generally good, there are a few nasty tool marks on the face of my 605’s cylinder.Enough about looks though, how does the Taurus 605 shoot? Also Remington SJHP .357 158gr: Tracker 1185/1165/1182; 605 1042/1017/1033. Starting with a hammer forge ...Click for more info !I have the 3” model. Like a millenium G2 for $240. I’ve have owned an IC DI model for several years now, and it is a shining example of what a top tier AR-15 maker does at the height of its craft.Now, there’s a Raging model specifically for one of the largest and most passionate demographics — hunters. 9mm +P gives up absolutely nothing to .357 out of a 2″ barrel, and very little out of a 3″ barrel.That means that my Beretta Nano is shorter (5.63″), lighter (~18 oz unloaded), carries one extra round and packs an equivalent ballistic punch.If wheelguns (or .357s) are your thing, then go on with your bad self. It stuck with me (mostly).I have given thought to trying to steer her into just that. Sorry about that.I have been running a Taurus 605 2″ for four ior five years now and it displays outstanding performance. The point of the 605 is MORE POWER, which means .357 Magnum and that wasn’t quite so easy. Oh, and you can consider the new Ruger LCR in 9mm, which is +P rated. It handles full house loads quite nicely. Finally Remington’s “FBI load” 158gr 38Sp +P clocked 869/859/879 from the 4″ Tracker and 772/795/779 from the 2″ 605.From this: you need longer than 4″ to reliably get above 1000 fps with .38 special. But why 3 stars? Don’t know how the newer iterations of the 605 perform, but Taurus did itself proud with this version.So two years later, how do you rate the gun now? Taurus Judge Magnum 4510 Revolver in Polished Stainless Steel - 3" Chamber Specs Taurus Judge Magnum 4510 Revolver in Polished Stainless Steel - 3" Chamber Reviews. Nosler SJHP round but I’ve never chronoed them because of a little incident I had last year with my .44 magnum. I started with the .357.

Prices Listed are M.S.R.P. Correction: Nice review, Nate. Thanks, Nate. Sometimes you want oranges.BTW, the SAAMI maximum pressure for both the 9mm and the .357 is 35,000psi. With their simplicity of operation and ease of concealability, they’re a good option for carry, nightstand duty, or to tuck in a vehicle’s console.They’re also convenient for traveling in less gun friendly states, where cartridge-tallying politicians might not look kindly on a standard capacity semi-auto such as a The 605 has been considered one of Taurus’s better offerings for many years, and the reasons are plain.

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taurus 605 dunham's