san francisco valley

It then exits the neighborhood via 30th Street.

Its route comes from the north on Castro Street and switches to Noe Street at 26th Street. Roughly speaking, Noe Valley is bounded by 21st Street to the north, 30th Street to the south, San Jose Ave and Guerrero Street to the east, and Grand View Avenue to the west.

Noe Valley was primarily developed at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, especially in the years just after the Many Noe Valley streets were laid out and named by John Meirs Horner, who named Elizabeth Street after his wife and Jersey Street after Like many other San Francisco neighborhoods, Noe Valley started out as a working-class neighborhood for employees and their families in the area's once-thriving Traffic flow is limited – one main north access through Castro Street to Public transit includes the J Church, which runs down Church Street until 30th Street.

Noe Valley is a neighborhood in the central part of San Francisco, California. The 24 Muni Bus also runs through Noe Valley. Additionally, the 48 Muni Bus runs down 24th street, connecting the neighborhood to the nearby Mission District. The neighborhood is primarily residential, although there are two bustling commercial strips, the first along 24th Street, between Church Street and Diamond Street, and the second, less dense corridor along Church Street, between 24th Street and 30th Street. Neighborhood in San Francisco, California, United States

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san francisco valley