norman thomas 1932 election

Democratic presidential election results by county Thomas and his associates thought big. Top Three candidates. Running for president for the second time on the Socialist ticket, he had drawn to himself and his standard many thousands who saw in him a viable alternative to President Herbert Hoover, Gov. Moreover, he was what is known as an intellectual. He was not elected that year, as he was not in 1928 and as he was not in 1936, 1940, 1944 and 1948. He sought always to avoid the pitfalls of "dogmatic and oracular utterance." Nobody ever "ghosted" a line of his many books or his 10,000 speeches, or attempted to write a scenario for his political and social conduct.Years ago, I was fortunate to have been an associate of Norman Thomas in many of his activities. "Thomas' 1932 campaign sparkled. Both had eloquence, but Debs, the magnificent agitator, never questioned the premises of his socialist faith.Thomas' activity as speaker and organizer was so extensive that one wondered when he found time to think. Wisdom for the future is not automatically born of righteous indignation or even of correct generalizations. Thomas was "a fresh gust of air in a foul room. In his speech, he stated, "ours must be a party of liberal thought, of planned action, of the enlightened international outlook, and of the greatest good to the greatest number of our citizens. Voting for Norman Thomas always represented a choice that only the young in heart and the clear in head were capable of making.

Even to short-term goals, one can also give oneself utterly.John Herling; John Herling is the editor of a weekly labor letteris working on a history of the United Auto Workers.Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. . Here he was, a comparatively new recruit -- and already questioning orthodoxy. For more than two years, President Hoover had been restricting trade and increasing taxes on the wealthy with legislation such as the Hoover called Roosevelt a "chameleon in plaid" and Roosevelt called President Hoover a "fat, timid Although the "other" vote (the combined vote total for candidates other than the nominees of the two major parties) of 1932 was three times that of 1928, it was considerably less than what had been recorded in 1920; the time of the greatest "other" vote with the exception of the unusual conditions prevailing in 1912 and 1924. Only 374 remained loyally Republican. The vote cast for Hoover, and the fact that in only one section of the nation (West South Central) did he have less than 500,000 votes and in only three states outside of the South less than 50,000 votes, made it clear that the nation remained a two-party electorate, and that everywhere, despite the triumph of the Democrats, there was a party membership devoted to neither the new administration nor the proposals of the Socialist candidate who had polled 75% of the "other" vote (as well as the highest raw vote total of his campaigns).This election marks the last time a Republican presidential candidate won a majority of black and African-American votes. Top Three candidates. He had a deep concern for the extension of democracy in every part of our society, including the trade union movement. "With election day two weeks off, Oswald Garrison Villard reported that Thomas had received 106,000 votes in the Literary Digest poll, or 5.3 percent of the total. Norman Thomas. . Democratic Party. While his constituency was global, it was to the generations of the young that his appeal never lessened -- even after he was stricken with his last illness.Two months before he died in December 1968, he was finishing a book. It came from collections at mass meeting to which admission was charged. One of the younger members of his small staff note wryly that the abolitionist Wendell Phillips did not deliver the Phi Beta Kappa oration at Harvard until after the slaves were freed. But he thought fast and intensively. Counties with Highest Percent of Vote (Democratic) "Some years later, when AFL-CIO President George Meany pronounced a dubious political neutrality by declaring that he would vote for neither Richard Nixon nor George McGovern, he puffed on his cigar and heaved what was meant to be a nostalgic sigh. But agitation was not enough. Reporters began to cover Thomas with attention. He also wrote numerous books, articles, and pamphlets touting the benefits of socialism and criticizing American capitalist society. He ran unsuccessfully for U.S. President on the socialist ticket six times. Because his appeals for funds were timely, the effectiveness of the aid he gathered achieved a multiplying effect. Many prominent Republicans even went so far as to espouse the cause of the Democratic candidate openly.Making matters worse for Hoover was the fact that many Americans blamed him for the Great Depression.

Reporters wondered aloud that overflow crowds would pay to hear a presidential candidate.Davis, who had modestly joined the Thomas campaign by volunteering to write releases and enlist prominent Americans for Thomas, said: "I'm no more a Marxist than I am a Mohamedan, but the socialist program is the only one that seriously attempts to cure our disease. He was a brilliant speaker and published A Socialist's Faith (1951).

FIFTY YEARS AGO, when many of us were very young, Norman Thomas was our leader.

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norman thomas 1932 election