julie pierce clayton, ca

Councilmember Jim Diaz, Councilmember Carl “CW” Wolfe, Mayor Julie Pierce, Vice Mayor Jeff Wan, Councilmember Tuija Catalano The City Council is the elected policy-making body for the City of Clayton.

We are willing to pay a premium to keep it that way. Even if you did not approve this project this is definitely not what any public servant should sound like.We need to recall Pierce and Catalano. As parents of two Eagle Scouts, Julie & her husband Steve have always been actively involved in Scouting activities.

The boogey men you are attempting to create do not exist. You don’t know what people go through in their lives and it’s not up to anyone to decide what people “deserve”.You are not represented by sample mentioned in post. Otherwise, why not sleep in until 10am? They have also lived in San Francisco, CA. Property values are going to be disastrously affected by this awful turn of events. Julie is related to Carol Pierce Mayer and William F Pierce as well as 6 additional people.

Sounds just like Clayton with Pierce, Catalano, Diaz and Wolfe. You must earn it or your family must have earned it. 7 identified units allow for Bill Jordan and Associates to build 35% more units, but there is a possibility that non-owner occupied units could be leased to entities that support housing for homeless and even some parolees. Painful that there is a very extreme view of low income families being made here. There are many places in this vast country that has more affordable housing, so you want to lower our property values to equal them?Pierce and Catalano are corrupt. The sacrifice is the long commute. And the developer of the Olivia, Bill Jordan, has already said that he will be selling it to a company that will convert it from senior and low-income to regular rental units. We do not need your protection from them. The second best result is Julie Marie Pierce age 70s in Oakland, CA in the Lower Hills District neighborhood. One is not guaranteed the right to grow up in Los Altos Hills and then return as an adult and move into $4mm Home. Though we are not on any public assistance, rent is entirely unaffordable for us in the town we grew up in. Your concern is not always my concern. Folks, this is the head of the Monster that is destroying Clayton. City of Clayton, CA. All that we hold dear is being destroyed. “It will allow every single new affordable housing development in California to Her arrogance in thinking we will not put forth the effort to educate ourselves is our opportunity to end this 2-faced representation.
We all feel this and this is why we want to stop spiraling down to lowest common denominator where there is only Elite and Poverty, no more choice for rest of us. Clayton is this balance where it is relatively affordable and still safe. Your tone is condescending at the least and sounds downright hateful. We deserve better!Personally I think that people need to realize that paroles are already amount Clayton,, 20 percent for low income families doesn’t mean they are trash,, would it really be that much of an unconvincing to have a 81 Unit place that is mainly for 55 yrs and over?? These video clips from the March 3, 2020 Council meeting clearly reveal Pierce’s complete disdain for … But it is en vogue to place self-imposed victim card on one’s self. You are seriously out of touch with the majority of your neighbors. Your are out of touch with the families in Clayton. Welcome to the Party! We do not want high density housing, more traffic , more crowded roads, more crowded schools.

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julie pierce clayton, ca