drummer bob moses interview

I first met Moses through Charlie Perry at a jazz drumming workshop Perry was conducting. We started spending more time on social media, you know? It shows us a duality that comes intrinsically. We still wanted to do them. Bob Moses is an electronic music duo based in Vancouver, Canada. All during this time locked up, we have questioned things. “When we enter quarantine we begin to think about what we want from this life and not having the possibility of having it because we cannot. An interview with Bob Moses Bob Moses is an electronic music duo based in Vancouver, Canada. People always considered the interval of a second dissonant, but to me it’s a very beautiful and necessary color.

Bob Moses has talked a lot about the chemistry they have as a team. As in the duality of the concept they propose. Internal hearing postulates that a lot of times you’re not actually listening to what’s going on; you’re listening to what you’re playing off of. What can be more abstract than sound in the air? The electronics duo has been working on their new EP called We had the opportunity to speak with Canadians to tell us a bit about the moment they are going through as a band, their new song and the concept of “We were already planning to be in a way to make an album this year. We were already friends but we had never worked together. “To do the exact same thing is boring… so we’re not interested in deliberately repeating ourselves“: We caught up with Bob Moses to chat their new album, former punk bands, and the Grammy’s. At least that’s what Wikipedia says. Like in the movies, Alfred Hitchcock was a great filmmaker and artist, but everybody could dig what he was doing. Everything has been fine. Everyone has different melodies and different rhythms. If we’re dealing with a 4/4, one of my methodologies is to work on the eight points individually as resolution points, so that you master the eight points and learn to hold them in your head.

But what I needed to make me complete and what had been my weakness was mastering the structure.Drumming is one of the strongest things I’ve done, precisely because it was the thing I was the least talented at of them all; it was the hardest for me. My first composition, when I was 14, was a perfect example of polytonality. I don’t necessarily feel that way anymore.To sum up, at this point in life, I don’t feel that there’s any one form of music that’s innately superior to another; I also do not feel that sophistication necessarily makes for better music, because I’m a heart musician, and that’s what makes music for me.Copyright © 2020 Modern Drummer Publications. I also listen to Peter Gabriel; I like his stuff a lot. I like what Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford and Stewart Copeland are doing; I’ve listened to James Brown, African music, samba-school, and pop. Watching Bob Moses hover over his drums at Right Track Studios in Manhattan like a marionette spider, deadpanning Buster Keatonish responses to the groove of fellow- percussionists Don Alias, Billy Hart and Pheeroan ak Laff, I thought back to what he’d told me when I suggested we do an interview: “Cool—but I don’t want to be portrayed as a drummer.” “That was very important. When I have people do a round like this and come in with the same rhythm two beats later, they usually start listening to what I’m doing and we end up in unison. They love each other for being good people and now they tell us that the same thing happened with ZHU. I call it the 8/8 structure, because generally I don’t think faster than 8th notes. I was aware of seeing this kid at camp do a snare drum solo, and here were these 300 people watching him, going “Oooh, wow.” So my motivation was very shallow at first; I just wanted to be liked, I guess. “We also wanted to open up to collaborating with people we respect and ZHU is one of them. “I think we think many times that our society is super advanced but we have been shown all the areas in which we must improve. They’d actually go to the top of a tower for a view, and they would bring a grid made of wood—like an empty checkerboard—through which they could look at a landscape. And those trips are to concentrate on the dream part, because when you go to another place where you don’t even speak the language, and you’re in a totally strange environment, it’s like being in a dream.

We have used this opportunity to calm down and sink into our creativity. “It felt very natural. So we were in Los Angeles between concerts and he was around. Bob is known for his vast catalog of recorded music and his collaboration with some of the greatest musicians of our time. It is a big one.

Desires can be a burden and The video not only amazes us with its art and a story that is based on Greek mythology. The point is that we all make different music.

I had to play funk and rock things, and learn to play with a Charlie Watts feeling. I do the same thing with sound, so that you no longer have an isolated area of sound, but it’s falling against a particular rhythm.Now the people I listen to who helped me develop this perspective on real life were Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Rashaan Roland Kirk, and Thelonius Monk; I’ve listened to and been inspired by Elmo Hope, Edgar Bate man, Hermeto Pascoal, Herbie Nichols, King Sunny Ade, Bob Marley, and Ray Charles singing country & western music. All Rights Reserved.

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drummer bob moses interview