Granular Ant Bait

Advance 375A Granular Ant Bait

Advance 375A Select Granular Ant Bait is an easy-to-apply bait with a protein-based formula that is designed to control infestations of common household ants which include Acrobat, Argentine, Bigheaded, Carpenter, Crazy, Field, Fire, Harvester, Little Black, Pavement, Pharaoh, Odorous House and Thief Ants among many other ant species. Not For Sale To: CT, NY, SC For example, Amdro will not control black house ant.Amdro can be used almost anywhere, and is approved for use on gardens, lawns, parks, golf courses, sports grounds, driveways, paths, patios and other non-crop land.Amdro should be used when ants are actively foraging for food. Fire ant bait is typically a granular corn grit mixed with soybean oil and a toxin. Not for sale to: CT, NY Amdro Granular Ant Bait is effective against specific destructive ant species, namely Singapore ant, Coastal Brown ant, Tropical Fire ant (Ginger ant), Red Imported Fire ant and Green Headed ant.It is important to be able to recognise these ants, because Amdro has been designed to be attractive to them. Advion ® Insect granular bait with a MetaActive ™ effect features a new bait matrix that is highly attractive to target pests, resulting in greater control.

Contents. HYMENOPTHOR™ ULTRA Granular Ant and Cockroach Bait Next Generation Technology Ant and Cockroach Bait powered by Fipronil - kills all species of ants and cockroaches, including nymphal stages!
Other species have different food preferences and may not be attracted to the bait. NyGuard IGR Concentrate This Ant Bait by Advance 375A is a granular bait formulated for use both indoors and outside.

4 Water Soluble Sachets - Makes 4 Gallons of Spray! >> Best Granular Ant Bait.

Natural Catch Plus - Fruit Fly Trap

It’s formulated by combining a mixture of delayed-action insecticide (known as Abamectin) and ant attractant. Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide.

Not For Sale To: NY, PR, AK, HI Are you an Amazon customer? Onslaught FASTCAP Spider Scorpion Insecticide Sprinkle Advance Carpenter Ant Granular Bait …
Advance 375A Ant Granular Bait. Advance Carpenter Ant Granular Bait is THE #1 carpenter ant bait. Early season treatment will control ant colonies while they are establishing and before they are large enough to be a serious problem.Amdro should not be applied to wet ground, or if rain is expected, as the granules deteriorate in moist conditions. Singles, Boxes or Case of 20 - 30 Gram Tubes

PT Tri-Die Pressurized Insecticide only, as per the DIRECTIONS FOR USE.

Advance 360A Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations AMDRO® GRANULAR ANT BAIT ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 7.3 g/kg HYDRAMETHYLNON For the control of Singapore ant (Monomorium destructor), coastal brown ant (Pheidole megacephala), tropical fire ant or ginger ant (Solenopsis geminata), red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) and greenhead ant (Rhytidoponera spp.)

A Patented blend of proprietary attractants and large grit size make Prescription Treatment Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait THE best choice for ALL difficult to control large ants. Amdro is a selective insecticide for control of certain ant species Amdro Granular Ant Bait is effective against specific destructive ant species, namely Singapore ant, Coastal Brown ant, Tropical Fire ant (Ginger ant), Red Imported Fire ant and Green Headed ant. 1 8 Effective Carpenter Ant Killers on the Market. It is important to be able to recognise these ants, because Amdro has been designed to be attractive to them.

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Liquid Oil Phase Release™ Technology ensures uptake of the fipronil by ants and produces results equal to those of Gel Baits for cockroaches - including nymphal stages.

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Granular Ant Bait